What to bring & Prepare

Prepare for an unforgettable journey through the stunning landscapes of Ha Giang. This guide is designed to help you pack and prepare effectively, ensuring a comfortable and enriching experience during your tour.

1. Luggage Preparation

Car Tour:

  • Feel free to bring all your luggage. Optionally, you can leave some in Ha Giang or Hanoi for convenience

Motorbike (Easy Rider) Tour:

  • Backpacks and smaller suitcases can be securely fastened to the motorbike.
  • Large luggage should be stored in our Ha Giang facility at no extra cost.
  • Keep daily essentials in a small backpack or bag for easy access throughout the day.

2. Essential Tips

WiFi & Internet:

  • WiFi is available in all standard accommodations unless you opt for a very basic homestay. Our guides handle navigation and communication, making constant internet access unnecessary. However, purchasing a local SIM card in Hanoi, preferably from Viettel, is recommended for those desiring continuous connectivity.

Charging Devices:

  • Charge cameras, phones, and other devices nightly at your accommodations. All rooms are equipped with sockets compatible with two-pin plugs, both flat and round. Check if you need an adapter for your devices.

Booking Confirmations:

  • In line with our commitment to sustainability, we do not require printed vouchers or booking confirmations. All necessary information is communicated directly to our guides and accommodations.


  • Although your tour includes meals, accommodation, and essential services, carrying cash is advisable for small personal purchases like snacks and drinks. Credit card facilities are scarce and ATMs are rare along the loop.


  • Tipping is entirely optional and not a standard practice in Vietnamese culture. However, if you are pleased with the service, tips are greatly appreciated:
    • 1-day guide: 200,000 VND
    • 3+ day guide: 500,000 VND


All meals are covered in your tour package. Please inform us about any dietary restrictions or allergies in advance so we can accommodate your needs. Daily stops in towns like Ha Giang, Dong Van, and Meo Vac are ideal for picking up snacks.

Safety Gear:

For your protection (when you do the tour by motorbike), we provide mandatory helmets along with additional arm and leg protection at no extra charge.

3. What to Wear

  • Layers: In Ha Giang, weather conditions can change rapidly—from warm in sunny valleys to cool in elevated mountain areas, and from dry to wet environments as you traverse different terrains. Wearing layers allows you to adjust easily and maintain comfort throughout your journey, regardless of the shifting climates.
  • Wind Jacket: A lightweight jacket that protects against both wind and rain is essential, even on warmer days when high altitudes can bring cooler weather.
  • Clothes: Ensure you have sufficient clothing suitable for the climate and activities planned, such as short hikes or bike rides.
  • Shoes: Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. While long hikes are not part of the itinerary, the tour includes walking through villages and local markets.
  • Sun Protection: Recommend bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat as protection against the strong sun, especially at higher altitudes.

4. Other Essential Items


  • Always carry your passport in a waterproof cover. It is required for accommodation registration and necessary on motorbike tours to ensure all your documentation is secure.


  • Keep your camera accessible; the route offers countless impromptu photo opportunities. Protect it with a waterproof case or bag.
  • Consider carrying spare batteries as charging options are only available overnight. Check if you need a power adapter for Vietnamese outlets.


  • Medication: Bring any personal medications in sufficient quantities for the entire trip.
  • Insect Repellent: Especially important during the rainy season to protect against mosquitoes.

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