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Local Ha Giang is a proud division of Local Vietnam, embodying the same ethos and commitment to quality, authentic travel experiences. As a subsidiary, we inherit a rich legacy of excellence and expertise in crafting unforgettable journeys across Vietnam. Our focus at Local Ha Giang is to showcase the unique beauty and culture of Ha Giang, offering tours and activities tailored to reveal the region’s most authentic aspects.

Local Ha Giang: Authentic, Local & Personal

At Local Ha Giang, we pride ourselves on being Ha Giang experts, specializing in Ha Giang Loop tours and a variety of activities like trekking. Our mission is to provide truly authentic experiences, enabling close contact with the local ethnic communities and immersion in the vibrant local culture. We believe in a personal touch, which is why we focus on small group and private tours, ensuring each journey is intimate, personalized, and deeply engaging.

Local Lodges

In our commitment to enhancing your Ha Giang experience, we are excited to announce the development of three new lodges, strategically located in Ha Giang City, Dong Van, and Meo Vac. These lodges are being constructed in some of the most picturesque locations in the region, close to local villages and away from the bustling hotel and party homestay crowds. This initiative is a collaboration with the local ethnic communities, ensuring a genuine and respectful cultural exchange.

Our lodges are designed to merge the local experience with the comforts of the West. Expect soft mattresses, modern bathrooms, and a strong emphasis on cleanliness, all while staying deeply rooted in the authentic charm of Ha Giang. Stay tuned for a unique lodging experience that combines the best of both worlds – local authenticity and Western comfort.

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