​Hoang Su Phi 3 day tour​: Terraced rice fields trekking & homestays


Day 1: Hanoi - Hoang Su Phi

Day 2: Nam Hong – Nam Khoa – Nam Son

Day 3: Nam Son – Dao’s Village – Tan Quang – Hanoi

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  • Mong Ngua Homestay
  • Local homestays of ethnic people

*Accommodations are subject to availability and may change based on the dates of your booking.


Option 1

Shared Limousine Bus + Private Car

Travel in a shared, comfortable limousine bus from Hanoi to Tan Quang Town, where a driver will pick you up for the journey to Hoang Su Phi. This is the cheapest option.

Option 2

Private Car from Hanoi

Enjoy a complete private drive from Hanoi directly to Hoang Su Phi with no transit needed, offering more privacy and convenience.

Options & Alternatives

Accommodation #1

Bungalow + Homestay

Stay in a comfortable bungalow for part of your tour and experience local life with a homestay for the rest.

Accommodation #2

Bungalow only

Enjoy the entire tour staying in a comfortable bungalow, offering convenience and privacy.


4 day trip

If you’re interested in a longer adventure, there is a 4-day tour option available that includes additional experiences and trekking. View 4-day tour here.


Ha Giang Loop

You can extend your Hoang Su Phi tour by combining it with the Ha Giang Loop. After visiting Hoang Su Phi, we will bring you to Ha Giang, where you can embark on the loop by car or easy rider.


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This Hoang Su Phi tour offers a journey through some of Vietnam’s most spectacular terraced rice fields and provides a deeply authentic cultural experience.

Please note: However, this tour ventures into less developed regions of Vietnam, making it suitable only for true adventurers who appreciate rugged and untouched environments.

What to Expect:

  • Authenticity at Its Core: Experience life far removed from tourist paths—basic amenities, minimal infrastructure, and a genuine glimpse into traditional lifestyles.
  • Language Barrier: The local communities in Hoang Su Phi do not speak English.
  • Simplicity in Nature: Accommodations and roads are less developed. There are no cities and almost no stores or restaurants.

Accommodation Details:

  • First Night in Comfort: Spend your initial night in a comfortable bungalow to ease into your adventure.
  • Authentic Homestays: Subsequent nights will be in basic, dorm-style homestays with local families. While this offers a unique insight into the lives of ethnic minorities and an amazing experience for many, it’s a very rustic and basic overnight that is not for everyone.

What we do:

  • Professional Guides: We bring in professional English-speaking guides from Ha Giang City who are familiar with the terrain and ensure your journey is safe.
  • Customizable Comfort: If the idea of basic homestays doesn’t meet your comfort level, we offer the option to customize your tour to include stays in the bungalow throughout your visit.

Recommended For:

  • Adventure Seekers: This tour is perfect for those looking to step far off the beaten path.
  • Reasonable Health Required: While you don’t need to be extremely fit, a good general health condition is necessary due to the trekking involved.


2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons 6 persons
$870 ($435 pp) $1185 ($395 pp) $1396 ($349 pp) $1675 ($335 pp) $1860 ($310 pp)

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Young children are not recommended due to the trekking and remote nature of the area. However, teens can have a unique and enriching experience.

The area is very remote. There is Wi-Fi at the bungalow, but it may not be reliable. Other homestays do not have Wi-Fi. It’s advisable to have a local SIM, but network coverage can be poor in some areas.

The trekking is not extremely difficult but involves mountain terrain and can be hot in the summer. A reasonable fitness level and good health are recommended.

Customization is limited due to the remote and less developed nature of Hoang Su Phi. However, as a local company, we can offer a range of accommodations from basic homestays to luxury lodges and adjust trekking distances. Advanced requests are best.

No, Hoang Su Phi does not see many travelers and lacks the infrastructure for group tours. There are no shared buses directly to Hoang Su Phi, and not enough travelers to form groups.

While there are more frequent heavy rain showers, it is the best season to visit due to the growing rice fields. Rain often falls in short, heavy bursts, leaving plenty of sunny periods.

Guides in Hoang Su Phi generally do not speak English. We bring experienced English-speaking guides from Ha Giang City to ensure quality guidance.

This tour involves significant trekking. However, we can modify the tour to focus on car sightseeing, visiting viewpoints and villages. For less walking, destinations like Sapa, with better development and more options, might be preferable.

Meals are local and served at local restaurants. Vegetarian options can be arranged with advance notice.

Yes, after visiting Hoang Su Phi, we can arrange for you to continue your adventure with the Ha Giang Loop by car or easy rider, exploring more of Vietnam’s stunning landscapes and cultures.

Hoang Su Phi 3 days

Day 1: Hanoi – Bac Quang – Thong Nguyen

At 6:00 in the morning, a limousine bus will pick you up from your hotel in Hanoi, marking the beginning of your adventure to Ha Giang. As you travel through the scenic countryside, you’ll appreciate the changing landscapes and the beauty of northern Vietnam.

bus from Hanoi to Haong Su Phi

Upon arrival at Tan Quang Town, a car will be waiting to take you on the remaining journey to the secluded Hoang Su Phi. You’ll stop for lunch at a local restaurant, savoring the regional flavors.

Hoang Su Phi trekking tour

The scenic drive continues, leading you to your accommodation in the mountains of Hoang Su Phi. Upon arrival, you’ll check in and have some time to rest while soaking in the breathtaking views of the rice fields from your bungalow.

Hoang Su Phi bungalow homestay

In the afternoon, you’ll explore Nam Hong Village, gaining insights into the local way of life and the beautiful surroundings. As the day ends, you’ll enjoy a delicious local dinner at the homestay, followed by a restful night in this serene setting.

Day 2

After a hearty breakfast at the homestay, you’ll set off on an epic 18 km trek through the Hoang Su Phi region. The trek takes you through picturesque rice paddies and local mountain villages, providing a deep dive into the local culture and stunning landscapes.

Throughout the trek, there will be plenty of opportunities to capture photos of the breathtaking scenery and the ethnic people who call this region home. You’ll explore some of the best terraced rice fields in Hoang Su Phi.

Trekking and hiking in Ha Giang at the terraced rice fields of Hoang Su Phi

Around midday, you’ll stop for lunch with the Red Dao hill tribe, where you’ll learn about their unique customs and traditions. After lunch, the trek continues through the valley, offering even more magnificent views of the fields and remote villages.

Hoang Su Phi trekking tour

The trek concludes around 4:00 PM, and you’ll arrive at a homestay for the night. Though basic, this accommodation provides an authentic experience of local ethnic life. Dinner will be served at the homestay, and you’ll spend the night immersed in this unique cultural setting.

Day 3

Begin your final day with a leisurely breakfast, enjoying the fresh air and natural beauty surrounding you. The journey starts around 8:30 AM, with a focus on the stunning Hoang Su Phi terraced fields. If the timing is right, you’ll be able to admire the beauty of the ripe rice fields.

Hoang Su Phi trekking tour

During the trip, you’ll visit a village of the Dao people, gaining insights into their daily life and traditions. After this cultural experience, you’ll stop for lunch before making your way to Tan Quang.

By 4:30 PM, you’ll catch a limousine bus back to Hanoi. The comfortable journey will allow you to relax and reflect on the incredible experiences of the past few days. You’ll arrive in Hanoi around 9:30 PM, concluding your memorable Hoang Su Phi tour.