The Big Ha Giang Loop tour by car: The Full experience in 4 days

Experience The Loop

Experience the ultimate 4-day car tour across the Ha Giang Loop, where comfort meets adventure in a comprehensive exploration of spectacular mountains, vibrant cultures, and lush valleys.


Day 0: Transfer Hanoi - Ha Giang

Option 1: VIP sleeper bus

Option 2: Limousine day bus & Thon Tha Village experience (+1 Day)

Day 1: Ha Giang City - Dong Van

Day 2: Dong Van - Meo Vac

Day 3: Meo Vac - Ha Giang City

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Building Future Lodges

We are currently developing three exclusive lodges in Ha Giang City, Dong Van, and Meo Vac to enhance your stay with us. Until these are completed, we offer accommodation in a carefully selected mix of homestays and hotels. This blend ensures you enjoy both the authenticity of Ha Giang and the comfort you expect. Here’s where you might stay:

  • Dong Van: Dong Van Cliffside House
  • Meo Vac: Little Yen Homestay
  • Du Gia: Tom Du Gia Homestay

*Accommodations are subject to availability and may change based on the dates of your booking.


Option 1

Day Bus + Thon Tha Village

Depart Hanoi in the morning, arrive Ha Giang by afternoon. Enjoy lunch, then visit a traditional Tay village to explore and overnight in a homestay. Your Ha Giang Loop starts the next day.

Option 2

VIP night bus

Travel overnight from Hanoi in a comfortable sleeper bus, arriving early in Ha Giang. Rest upon arrival before beginning your Ha Giang Loop adventure in the morning.

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Enhance your Easy Rider tour with an option for a full day or multi-day trekking adventure.


Easy Rider

Experience the Ha Giang Loop tour with the thrill of an Easy Rider (on the back of a motorbike). Check this tour.


3-day Loop

Opt for the 4-day, 3-night tour to explore the extended loop, including a stay in Du Gia. Check this tour.

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Yes, you can, but only if you have a valid motorbike license with an International Driving Permit (IDP). Without these, you might not be fully insured, and there’s a risk of fines from local police.

Absolutely! Our Easy Rider drivers are highly experienced and navigate the loop weekly. They drive at a considerate pace to ensure you enjoy the journey safely.

On average, we ride for about 5-6 hours each day, with plenty of stops for rest, meals, and sightseeing. We ensure a comfortable pace for all riders.

We offer the Ha Giang Loop tour by Easy Rider in either a private tour or by a small group experience.

Yes, age is not a barrier as long as you’re comfortable with the journey and do not have health issues that might be exacerbated, such as back problems.

General good health and basic fitness are required. The tour involves long rides and some physical activities like short hikes.

Not at all. We cater to all sizes and can provide larger motorbikes for taller or heavier riders. Just let us know in advance.

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Ha Giang Loop Tour by car in 4 days & 3 night

Day 0: Transfer Hanoi - Ha Giang

Option 1: VIP Sleeper Bus

Begin your journey in the late evening from Hanoi, aboard a comfortable VIP sleeper bus. 

VIP sleeper bus to Ha Giang

Arrive early in Ha Giang and rest at our accommodating hotel. Refreshed, you’ll be ready to take on the four-day car tour, experiencing the dramatic beauty of Ha Giang up close.

Option 2: Limousine Day Bus & Thon Tha Village

Travel by day from Hanoi in a luxurious limousine bus, arriving in Ha Giang by lunchtime. 

Hanoi to Ha Giang by limousine bus

After dining, continue to the culturally rich Thon Tha Village. 

stilt houses of Tay minority between the rice fields in Thon Tha Village

Discover the traditional stilt houses and picturesque landscapes that afternoon before diving into your extended car tour of Ha Giang.

Day 1

Set out on a four-day exploration of the Ha Giang Loop, comfortably seated in a private car, starting from Ha Giang City. The day begins with a gentle ascent up Bac Sum Pass, where the unfolding vistas start to hint at the dramatic landscapes that define this region.


Bac Sum Pass on the Ha Giang Loop

As you climb towards Heaven Gate Pass, anticipate some of the most breathtaking views available along the loop. The pass provides an excellent opportunity to pause and enjoy a refreshing drink while taking in the expansive scenery that makes Ha Giang so unique. The vantage points here offer panoramic vistas of rolling hills and deep valleys, perfect for capturing stunning photographs.

view from top of Quan Ba Heaven Gate (Quan Ba Pass)

Descending from Heaven Gate, make a stop to further explore the beauty of the Twin Mountains, a distinctive pair of symmetrical peaks that are a highlight of the region. The view from here adds a remarkable visual element to your journey, showcasing the natural symmetry and beauty of Ha Giang’s landscape.

The iconic Twin Mountains in Ha Giang (Quan Ba) view from Quan Ba Pass

Continuing your drive, you will traverse through several vibrant ethnic minority villages. Each village presents an opportunity to witness traditional lifestyles and rich cultural heritage that continue to thrive in these remote parts of Vietnam.

ethnic Hmong woman weaving linen in Lung Tam Village in Ha Giang

The next major highlight is Tham Ma Pass, featuring an iconic S-shaped road that snakes up the hillside. This pass is not only a challenge for drivers but also a delight for visitors, offering spectacular views from the top that encompass the winding road you just conquered.


Zigzag road on the Ha Giang Loop called the Tham Ma Pass

Further along the route, you will drive through Chin Khoanh Pass, often referred to as the 9 ramp pass. This segment of your journey is marked by sharp turns and steep inclines, providing an adventurous twist to your road trip.


Chin Khoanh Ramp along the Ha Giang Loop

As you approach Sung La Valley, the landscape transforms into a picturesque tableau of traditional houses and agricultural fields, giving you a deeper understanding of the rural life that dominates this region.


Sung La Valley

A visit to the Hmong King Palace is also on the agenda for today. This historic palace allows you to delve into the history of the Hmong people during French colonial times, enriching your understanding of the area’s past.

the entrance of Hmong King Palace in Dong Van District in Ha Giang

The journey concludes as you reach Dong Van, where the quaint and lively old quarter awaits your exploration. Spend your evening wandering through its streets, where you can enjoy local cuisine and crafts, capping off a day filled with adventure and cultural discovery.

The square of Dong Van Old Quarter

Day 2

Start your day with a vibrant cultural experience at the Dong Van Sunday Market, if your visit falls on a Sunday. This bustling marketplace is a sensory feast, offering a glimpse into the lives of the local ethnic minorities who come to trade everything from daily necessities to livestock, all while adorned in their traditional, colorful attire.

Ethnic minority people walking with small pigs on Dong Van Market

Following the market visit, the tour continues north towards Lung Cu, traversing some of the most scenic roads the Ha Giang Loop has to offer.

views from the Ha Giang Loop in Dong Van district

he journey to Vietnam’s northernmost point is not only a visual treat with its spectacular mountain vistas but also an opportunity to visit remote villages. These communities are notable for their distinctive yellow clay houses and provide a rich insight into the traditional lifestyles of the region’s ethnic groups.

Lung Cu Lake View hometsay in Ha Giang

At Lung Cu, ascend to the iconic flag tower, a landmark that stands as a proud testament to Vietnamese sovereignty. The climb to the top offers 360-degree views over the vast landscapes of both Vietnam and China, presenting a perfect opportunity for panoramic photography.

Lung Cu Flag Tower on top of a hill, Vietnam's northmost point

The return trip towards Meo Vac includes a drive over the majestic Ma Pi Leng Pass. Known for its awe-inspiring beauty, Ma Pi Leng offers several viewpoints where you can stop to appreciate the sheer cliffs and deep valleys that define this iconic pass. If you’re keen on exploring further, there’s an option to trek along the Ma Pi Leng Skywalk, which offers stunning vistas of the gorge below.

Ha Giang Loop at the Ma Pi Leng Pass

For those interested in adding an adventurous twist to their day, consider taking a boat ride on the Nho Que River. This optional excursion takes you through Ma Pi Leng Canyon, where the dramatic cliffs provide a breathtaking backdrop to the tranquil waters of the river.

boat tour on Nho Que River

Your day concludes as you arrive in Meo Vac, providing a moment to relax and reflect on a day filled with immersive cultural experiences and some of the most dramatic landscapes in Vietnam.

Day 3

Your adventure continues from Meo Vac, and if your visit coincides with a Sunday, you’re in for a treat at the region’s largest ethnic minority market. The Meo Vac market is a hub of vibrant activity, featuring a fascinating array of colorful traders and a lively section dedicated to livestock trading, including cows, pigs, chickens, and buffaloes. This market provides a deep dive into the local culture and economy, adding a rich layer of experience to your tour.

ethnic minority people holding pigs at the Meo Vac Market on Sunday

Leaving the bustling market behind, you journey through a landscape dotted with small ethnic villages where time appears to stand still. The traditional lifestyles of these communities offer a captivating insight into Vietnam’s rural culture.

Ha Giang colorful ethnic minority people

About an hour’s drive from Meo Vac, you’ll reach the M-shape viewpoint. This iconic spot offers sweeping views of the surrounding rugged landscapes, providing a perfect opportunity for memorable photos and a chance to appreciate the natural beauty of Ha Giang.


M shape Turn Viewpoint along the Ha Giang Loop in Meo Vac district

The day’s journey continues through this picturesque setting, leading you to another scenic stop at Lung Ho. Here, you can gaze out at cone-shaped mountains that rise dramatically from the valley—a unique geological feature of this area.


terraced rice fields of Mau Due along the Ha Giang Loop

The Easy Rider takes you through the Lung Ho viewpoint, another spot to witness the splendid vistas of Ha Giang.

Viewpoint of Lung Ho in Ha Giang

Your day concludes in the tranquil commune of Du Gia. This picturesque village is set amid stunning rice fields and is populated with local Tay stilt houses, offering a glimpse into a peaceful, traditional way of life

rice fields and stilt houses in Du Gia (Ha Giang)

A visit to the Du Gia waterfall is a refreshing way to cool off from the day’s heat, providing a serene end to your explorations. Tonight, you settle into a homestay in Du Gia, immersing yourself fully in the local culture and landscape.

Du Gia Waterfall

Day 4

Greet the morning in Du Gia, where the tranquility of the rice fields and the traditional architecture of the Tay stilt houses offer a peaceful start to the day. Enjoy some time wandering through the village and engaging with the local Tay people, whose hospitality and relaxed lifestyle provide a refreshing change from city life.


View from Du Gia Homestay

Leaving the calm of Du Gia behind, you will embark on the return journey to Ha Giang, with the landscape continuing to impress with its diverse and picturesque scenes. Travel along routes that snake through small villages and trace the contours of rivers, offering a scenic backdrop to the concluding day of your tour.


Green mountains of Du Gia

As you drive towards Bac Me, savor the views of rural settings and the natural environment that make this region so special.

green rice fields and mountains of Du Gia

The road then leads you back to Ha Giang city, where you’ll have a chance to freshen up before boarding the limousine bus that will take you back to Hanoi. Reflect on the rich experiences and sights of the past four days as you travel, arriving back in the capital city by late evening.