12 best homestays in Ha Giang on the Loop

Homestays in Ha Giang offer a unique opportunity to experience the local culture of ethnic minorities. While they might not provide the utmost luxury and comfort, these accommodations provide an authentic experience where you can immerse yourself in the traditions and lifestyle of the local communities.
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What is a homestay?

Staying with ethnic minority

Dao ethnic minority and tourist dressed up like Dao in Nam Dam Village in Ha Giang

A true homestay experience in Ha Giang involves residing within the home of an ethnic minority family. These homes are often simple, yet the encounter is truly remarkable, offering an exceptional opportunity to gain insights into the lifestyles of these ethnic groups. Depending on the specific ethnic community, accommodations can range from clay houses, stilt houses, to dwellings constructed from natural mountain stones found in the Ha Giang region.

Less authentic homestays

Not all homestays provide the same level of authenticity and interaction with local hosts. While some homestays offer genuine stays within the homes of families, facilitating interaction, others are designed more as small hotels. Many homestays are developed as investment opportunities for income generation.

In certain instances, the host may not live on the premises, and the operation might be managed by others. Nonetheless, even in these cases, the experience retains a unique charm, often offering a higher level of comfort than traditional ethnic homestays and maintaining an authentic, personal appeal compared to hotels in urban settings.

What to expect staying in a homestay in Ha Giang

Balancing comfort and experience

Staying in an ethnic homestay offers an extraordinary experience rather than luxurious comfort. Mattresses may be firm, and amenities basic. Yet, in exchange, you gain an authentic and immersive insight into the daily life and cultural practices of the ethnic community. You can dine with your hosts, witness their activities, and observe traditional methods of cooking, clothing, and work.

Language challenges

Given that most ethnic hosts do not speak English fluently, communication can be challenging. Many ceased formal education after primary school to assist with family or agricultural tasks. While this language barrier adds to the homestay’s authenticity, it might also present difficulties. Utilizing translation apps can be helpful in such situations.


Despite being less elaborate than hotels or resorts, Ha Giang’s homestays generally offer essential facilities like running water, hot showers, western-style toilets, and often WiFi.

Family dinner

A traditional family dinner in Ha Giang with ethnic minority people

An unmissable aspect of homestay life is the family dinner. Prepared by the host family, these communal feasts often incorporate local dishes, including vegetarian options. Shared around a table or mat, guests and hosts come together, converse, and enjoy the diverse array of foods. To enhance the experience, homemade rice or corn wine may be offered, with everyone raising a toast in unison.

Sleeping arrangements

Homestays in Ha Giang feature various room options. While basic dormitory-style accommodations are common, some may provide private rooms or even beds with private bathrooms for added comfort.

Waking up

Mornings at the homestay can be accompanied by the sounds of village life, including the noises of animals like cows, pigs, and chickens. Breakfast, often consisting of pho or noodles, provides sustenance before you continue your journey.

“Party backpacker homestays” in Ha Giang

The Ha Giang Loop has gained significant popularity among backpackers, traveling in large motorcycle groups who opt to stay overnight in local homestays. These accommodations often foster a backpacker-friendly ambiance, complete with activities like karaoke and drinking.

While many find this lively atmosphere enjoyable, if you seek a quieter, more authentic experience immersed in local family life, you may wish to steer clear of these “party homestays.” If uncertain, feel free to inquire before booking, read reviews, or consider smaller, more traditional homestays.

Best homestays in Ha Giang

Ha Giang City

Ha Giang Faithien Homestay

Ha Giang Faithien Homestay in Ha Giang

Immerse yourself in the serene nature with a stay at Ha Giang Faithien Homestay. Nestled along a stunning riverbank, this peaceful homestay offers an authentic experience with vegan dining options. The picturesque surroundings and accommodating hosts ensure a memorable stay.

Cay’s Homestay

Cay's Homestay in Ha Giang

Experience the charm of the mountains with a stay at Cay’s Homestay. Located just a short drive from Ha Giang City, Cay and his family offer a warm welcome in a beautiful village setting. Enjoy trekking, village lunches, and a wealth of local knowledge from your gracious host.

Quan Ba Disitrict

Hong Thu Homestay & Bungalow

Escape to Nam Dam Village and indulge in the Dao culture at Hong Thu Homestay & Bungalow. Delight in delicious dinners, learn about the Dao people’s lifestyle, and experience the comfort of cozy rooms surrounded by the stunning landscape.

Dien homestay

Dive into the heart of Quan Ba District with a stay at Dien Homestay. Engage in a warm and interactive host family experience, enjoy comfortable amenities, and explore the beautiful mountain trails that surround this inviting homestay.

Dong Van Disitrict

Nha Co Lao Xa Homestay Hmong

Nha Co Lao Xa Homestay Hmong in Ha Giang

Immerse yourself in the Hmong culture at Nha Co Lao Xa Homestay Hmong. Discover an authentic homestay experience with a kind and welcoming family. Share in communal dinners, cultural exchanges, and unforgettable moments.

Lung Cu Lake View

Lung Cu Lake View hometsay in Ha Giang

Enjoy tranquility by Lung Cu Lake at Lung Cu Lake View Homestay. Experience thoughtful hosting in a peaceful garden setting, complemented by evening meals and breakfast. Relax and embrace the serenity of the surroundings.

Ancient Town 29 Pho Co

Ancient Town 29 Pho Co in Dong Van

Stay at the heart of Old Town in Ancient Town 29 Pho Co. Surrounded by local eateries and cafes, enjoy a comfortable room with friendly staff. Discover the charm of this historic district during your stay.

Meo Vac Disitrict

Little Yen’s Homestay

Little Yen's Homestay in Ha Giang

Discover the warm ambiance of Little Yen’s Homestay. Enjoy delicious food, and comfortable beds. Connect with fellow guests around the bonfire and create lasting memories.

Lo Lo Homestay & Cafe Meo Vac

Lo Lo Homestay in Ha Giang

Embark on an adventurous stay at Lo Lo Homestay & Cafe Meo Vac. Experience a cozy family atmosphere, engaging conversations by the fireplace, and breathtaking views. Relish in authentic food and friendly hosts.

Yen Minh District

Du Gia Panorama

Du Gia Panorama homestay in Ha Giang

Indulge in breathtaking views and delightful cuisine at Du Gia Panorama. Feel one with nature and experience the warmth of the hosts and their exceptional cooking. Find serenity and connection in this special place.

Du Gia Field View Homestay

Du Gia Field View Homestay

Embrace the hospitality of Truong and his family at Du Gia Field View Homestay. Enjoy exceptional dinners, comfortable facilities, and stunning views. A short walk to the river completes this inviting experience.

Du Gia Village Homestay

Du Gia Village Homestay

Experience the genuine care of Lan and her family at Du Gia Village Homestay. Enjoy well-decorated, comfortable rooms and join in delightful family dinners. The inviting atmosphere and hospitality create a memorable stay.

Tips for booking & staying in homestays in Ha Giang

  • Research and Read Reviews: Before booking, read reviews from previous travelers to get an idea of the homestay’s quality, atmosphere, and services. Websites like TripAdvisor and Booking.com can provide valuable insights.
  • Use Language Apps: Since communication might be a challenge due to language barriers, having translation apps on your smartphone can be incredibly helpful in conveying your needs and understanding the hosts.
  • Respect Local Culture: Remember that you’re a guest in someone’s home and culture. Respect local customs, traditions, and etiquette. A little effort in understanding and following their ways goes a long way in making your stay enjoyable.
  • Pack Essentials: Basic amenities might be provided, but it’s always a good idea to pack essentials like toiletries, a towel, and any personal medications you might need.
  • Be Flexible: Homestays are often run by local families, so be prepared for a different experience compared to hotels. Flexibility and an open mind will help you embrace the experience.
  • Ask for Recommendations: Homestay hosts are often knowledgeable about the local area. Ask for recommendations on nearby attractions, activities, and food options.
  • Respect Quiet Hours: Many homestays are located in residential areas. Be mindful of quiet hours, especially during the evenings and early mornings.
  • Support Local Economy: When purchasing souvenirs or services, prioritize local markets and shops to contribute to the local economy.
  • Notify About Dietary Restrictions: If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, inform the host in advance so they can accommodate your needs.
  • Respect Quiet Hours: Many homestays are located in residential areas. Be mindful of quiet hours, especially during the evenings and early mornings
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