From Sapa to Ha Giang – 4 bus options

From Sapa to Ha Giang, you can easily travel by bus or private car, with a journey time of approximately 6 to 7 hours. With Sapa being famous for trekking through it's terraced rice fields and Ha Giang with its world-famous motorbike loop through stunning mountain landscapes. These two destinations are the best of North Vietnam, which make a combining trip a logical choice.
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The road between Sapa & Ha Giang

The road between Sapa and Ha Giang spans less than 250 km but traverses a mountainous region, resulting in a journey of approximately 6 to 7 hours. Starting from Sapa, the route leads through the mountains to Lao Cai, a town commonly used as the main train station for those visiting Sapa and coming from Hanoi.

Afterward, there is a stretch of about 30 km on the main highway to Hanoi before turning onto the road towards Yen Bing District, which marks the entry into the enormous Ha Giang province. However, it still takes around 3.5 hours to reach Ha Giang City, the starting point of the renowned Ha Giang Loop.

Buses driving this route typically make at least one stop for food and toilet breaks, and there may be additional short stops to drop off passengers who are not continuing all the way to Ha Giang City.

Bus options from Sapa to Ha Giang

The route from Sapa to Ha Giang is not as frequently traveled by locals, but it has gained popularity among tourists who wish to explore both destinations. As a result, there are limited bus options available to cater to this demand.

Limousine bus (day time)

Hanoi to Ha Giang by limousine bus

One popular choice is the limousine buses, which typically have seating capacities of 9 to 14 seats. These buses operate in the morning and afternoon, with early morning departures as early as 6:15 AM. If you choose the 7:00 AM departure, you can expect to arrive in Ha Giang around 12:30 PM. The limousine buses offer a more comfortable and luxurious travel experience compared to regular buses.

Sleeper bus

standard sleeper bus to Ha Giang

Alternatively, there are sleeper buses available that provide the convenience of traveling during the day or night. These buses offer sleeping compartments with reclining seats, allowing you to rest during the journey. This option can be particularly appealing for travelers who want to save time and maximize their daytime exploration in Ha Giang.

The bus fares for the Sapa to Ha Giang route typically range from 250,000 VND (approximately 10 USD) to 350,000 VND (approximately 15 USD), depending on the bus company and the type of bus you choose. The duration of the journey is approximately 6.5 hours.

Private car

Another option for traveling from Sapa to Ha Giang is to hire a private car. While it may be a bit more expensive than taking a bus, it provides you with greater flexibility and a convenient door-to-door service. With a private car, you have the freedom to plan your own rest stops, stretch your legs, and even request the driver to adjust the speed if you feel uncomfortable driving through the mountainous terrain.

One interesting advantage of taking a private car is the opportunity to visit the famous Bac Ha Market if you happen to be traveling on a Sunday. Located just a 15 km detour from the route, Bac Ha Market is one of the largest and most vibrant ethnic minorities markets in Vietnam. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the local culture and traditions, making it a worthwhile addition to your journey from Sapa to Ha Giang.

Sapa & Ha Giang combo tour

If you’re looking for a hassle-free experience and want to explore both Sapa and Ha Giang, you have the option of choosing a combination tour that includes a captivating trekking adventure in Sapa and an exhilarating journey through the famous Ha Giang Loop, with motorbike or in a car. These combo tours offer a well-organized itinerary that showcases the beauty of both destinations and transfers between all places.

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FAQ about traveling between Sapa and Ha Giang

Can I also travel from Ha Giang to Sapa?

Yes, you can travel both ways between Ha Giang and Sapa. The route is well-traveled, and you can opt for various modes of transportation, including buses, private cars, or motorbikes.

How far driving is Sapa from Ha Giang?

The distance between Sapa and Ha Giang can be covered in about 6-8 hours by car, depending on the specific route and road conditions. The drive is approximately 240 to 270 km long.

What is the distance between Sapa and Ha Giang?

The distance between Sapa and Ha Giang varies depending on the route, but it’s generally around 240 to 270 km.

What is better: Sapa or Ha Giang?

Both Sapa and Ha Giang offer unique experiences, and what is “better” depends on your interests. Sapa is more commercialized and gets more tourists, but it’s known for its terraced rice fields and the Fansipan Mountain. Ha Giang is less touristy and offers a more authentic experience with diverse geological features and ethnic minority cultures.

Can I also see terraced rice fields in Ha Giang?

Yes, Ha Giang also has beautiful terraced rice fields, especially in districts like Hoang Su Phi. While not as famous as those in Sapa, they offer a less touristy and equally beautiful experience.

What are the transportation options from Sapa to Ha Giang?

The most common ways to travel between Sapa and Ha Giang are by bus or private car. Sleeper buses are available for overnight journeys, and private cars can be arranged for more comfort and flexibility.

Is the road from Sapa to Ha Giang safe?

Generally, the roads are in good condition, but they can be steep and winding. It’s important to be cautious, especially during the rainy season when landslides can occur.

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